Higher Maintenance



The Red Carpet Peel – Get your skin bright, tight & all right.

Treat yourself like a star you are. Glam it up w/ our true hollywood peel that’s going to leave you lighter, brighter & tighter. And you’ll be out in no time, w/ no down time.

La Suite Peel – Clearly, big-time results. Not big-time discomfort.

The peel that bears our name is a real clarifier that targets hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles & breakouts. This is all about big-time results, not big-time discomfort. So you don’t have to fear how your skin will feel. And after 48 hours, your unwanted history is history. All that’s left is clarity like never before. We recommend six consecutive treatments for maximum awesomeness.

Suiteskin Peel – All skin types welcome.

This fountain of youth peel works wonders in the anti-aging department. Derived from natural sugar cane, alpha hydroxy acid smooths your skin as it squares away sun damage, hyperpigmentation & fine lines. This treatment loves all skin types equally, but has a real soft spot for post breakout stained skin. Before you leave we apply a hydrating mask to soothe & rebalance your fresh new look.

Poreless Peel – Winning the war against pores.

Sure, our skin needs pores, but too much of anything is not our thing. Derived from aspirin, this beta hydroxy peel gets deep into problematic pores, exfoliating the dead cells holed up inside. If your skin is especially oily or acneic, we turn those blackheads & whiteheads into an almost pore-less complexion. This kind of beauty is not without a price, so make room for a little, shall we say & sensation.

Milk-Made Peel – Are you the sensitive type? Dry those tears.

Is your skin the sensitive type that can’t tolerate aha’s or bha’s? Then have we got good news for you! This milk-derived lactic acid peel helps to maintain ph balance while it sends germs, toxins & dead cells packing. And while they get the boot, you depart gracefully w/ skin that’s buff, healthy & polished. Legend has it, cleopatra bathed in milk, & who are we to second-guess royalty? This treatment is safe for those who are pregnant or nursing. But for those w/ roseacea, let’s play it safe & go w/ a microdermabrasion.

Crystal Clean – This resurfacing shows dull skin the door.

Show dull skin the-door w/ this highly effective approach to resurfacing, we target sun spots, sun damage & fine lines w/ a spray of micronized crystal, or w/ a crystal-free diamond tip wand we end on a high note w/ hydrating balm mask & popular O2 blast, because let’s be clear: sluggish, grey surface layers have no place on your face.


Nobody’s face is the same. Except in bad sic-fi movies. In fact, nobody’s face is the same every time they visit. Your skin wants different treatments month to month, and we’re here to keep your face happy. Customize your basic facial with these add-ons. You get exactly what you need, and we get to hang out with you a little longer.

Hydrabrasion / Hydropeel

Mini-Crystal Clean

Suiteskin Peel (AHA) Add-On – 20% or 30%

Poreless Peel (BHA) Add-On – 20% or 30%

Milk-Made Peel (Lactic Acid) Add-On

Sal-Acid Wash

Fruit Acid Wash



Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum

A cutting-edge wand delivery system increasing hydration while combating the aging process w/ a plethora of vitamins that haunt the dreams of free radicals.



An add-on for any treatment, this hydrating enzyme & vitamin pack joins forces w/ a finishing vitaminized oxygen spray. This dynamic duo issues a call to arms to cellular metabolism, & puts out a warrant on those bad guys called bacteria.