This month we are featuring the Young & the Restless Facial. Just in time for the Thanksgiving break!

-xoxo La Suite

Basic Facial – Yes, the basic. And just the beginning.

Our basic facial is just the beginning. This is rarely a stand-alone. The process kicks off w/ our signature pre-extraction oxygen wrap & then deep cleanses w/ our claim to fame: some serious la suite-style extractions. We then move on to a hydrating balm, a soothing cream mask & a protective moisturizer. We’ve only just begun.

Oiliminator – The name says it all.

Unless you’ve got record-breaking oiliness, we suggest you keep browsing. This is the oiliminator a no-nonsense service. Welcome to the big leagues — where unwanted oils don’t stand a chance. We cleanse, we extract, & we lay down the law w/ an oil-absorbing bha peel. You then enjoy a lymphatic drainage, a soothing balm, a purifying mask & our O2 blast. The oiliminator keeps breakouts at bay & will take anyone oiliness to the matte.

Double Oxygen Facial – Truly Bliss-ful.

Want to give your skin a breath of fresh air? This O2 treatment starts w/ an exfoliating fruit acid wash which prepares you for a pre-extraction oxygen wrap, allowing thorough extractions. After a beautifying batch of serums, lotions & potions, we wrap things up w/ a calming oxygen mask to soothe & nourish. A hydrating enzyme pack coupled w/ a finishing vitaminized oxygen spray leaves you aglow & good to go.

Young & the Restless – Boys & girls, this one’s just for you.

You’re too young to drive & you’re too young to see an r-rated movie solo. But you’re never too young to look & feel great. It’s the not-so-basic treatment the grown ups get, but without the back, arm & shoulder massage that you don’t want to sit through anyway.

La Suite Clean – Pure decadence. Go all out.

The most lavish & decadent two hours of your week. This is an intensive physical & chemical exfoliation. Indulge yourself w/ thorough extractions, an anti-aging hydrating serum, a tailored mask, plus a luxurious arm, shoulder & back massage. End w/ a vitamin-packed oxygen blast. We recommend it for every change of season, special occasions, or anytime you want to walk around w/ smooth, bright, glowing skin… which, if you’re a facial junkie like us, would be always.

Hydrafacial (Aka Hydropeel) – The peel un-a-peeling? Look no further.

Love the look of peels & microdermabrasion’s? But a little iffy about the peeling & cabrasion part? We hear you. Get a little face time w/ our groundbreaking exfoliating treatment that removes dead cells & impurities while bathing the new skin w/ cleansing & hydrating serums. This multi-tasking mega-facial integrates cleansing, exfoliation, extraction & hydration simultaneously.

Hydrafacial Plus – Ok, maybe look a little further.

We are talking about some serious exfoliation here we take the hydra facial & we make it work overtime to refresh & brighten your skin, how? By throwing in a crystal-free, diamond tip microdermabrasion, along w/ la suite’s groundbreaking hydropeel trust us you’ll walk out of here smoothed & soothed.

Crystal Clean – This resurfacing shows dull skin the door.

Show dull skin the door w/ this highly effective approach to resurfacing. We target sun spots, sun damage & fine lines w/ a spray of micronized crystals, or w/ a crystal-free diamond tip wand. We end on a high note w/ a hydrating balm, mask & our popular O2 blast, because let’s be clear: sluggish, grey surface layers have no place on your face.


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