Re-mineralizes,‌ re-balances, re-vitalizes, re-invigorates & simply re-everythings to help calm & hydrate the skin while reducing redness.

Matte & Pure

This anti-bacterial mask makes breakouts wish they’d never been born. It shows excess sebum no mercy & leaves the skin soothed & mattified.

Delice De Peau

This‌ mask contains oatmeal for soothing & essential oils for hydrating. We apply it warm so it feels like silk, leaving the skin beautifully balanced & nourished.


A wonderfully rich hydrating mask especially designed for those of us who know when life really begins. It’s out w/ the old, & in w/ the you.

Warm Wax

This warm mask commands our hydrating serums & balms to kick butt & take names. The treatment locks in moisture & gets your circulation humming. Excellent for dehydrated, lifeless looking skin. We don’t recommend this for those w/ rosacea. Instead, try delice de peau or seaweed mask for size.

Hydra Force

This combination of fruit powder & flower syrup increases your level of hydration, no matter what skin type you are.