The Strip Room




Defuzz it in nanoseconds. / 15 min

Eyebrow Wax

Brow wow! A non-surgical face lift. / 15 min


Listen up. There’s no excuse for this! / 15 min

Half Arm

Painless strip wax defuzzes at a blink of an eye / 15 min

Full Arm

Bid unwanted hair a big wave goodbye & bare those toned arms. / 30 min

Under Arm

Pain-free wax shrink-wrapping around hair w/ no skin tugging. / 15 min


Blaze that trail – we know you can’t stomach it. / 15 min


Bare-back it! No hair, no scare!! / 30 min

Regular Bikini

Fit for a real bond girl& / 15 min


A prissy bikini w/ no peter cottontail. / 30 min

Brazilian Bikini

The only place a little hair never hurts. / 30 min


No lines for you ultra-buff bikini girls. / 30 min

Half Leg

You pick the half we pick painless strip wax for a smooth look. / 30 min

Upper Leg & Bikini

Get a leg up on that pesky thigh fuzz. / 30 min

Upper Leg & Muffy

Let get those thighs “of the rough.” / 45 min

Upper Leg & Brazilian

The classic plus thighs so smooth it hurts… / 45 min

Upper Leg & Buffy

Knock’em out w/ those american thighs / 45 min

Full Leg Without Bikini

Hair‌ no mo’ from thigh to toe. / 45 min

Full Leg w/ Regular Bikini

Put those legs on parade this bikini season. / 60 min

Full Leg w/ Muffy

Adieu, hair! It isn’t us, it’s you. / 60 min

Full Leg w/ Brazilian

Because‌ what’s good for right there is good for everywhere. / 60 min

Full Leg w/ Buffy

No hair anywhere. / 60 min

Unidentified Furry Area

Turn it into an identified unfurry area / tbd


Eyelash Tint

Darker, yes. Thicker, no. / 30 min

Eyebrow Tint

Tames even the baddest of brows. / 15 min