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How to Wash Your Face the Right Way

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Proper cleansing is the first step toward good skin hygiene. It should never strip the skin or leave you feeling overly dry.

What It Does:

  • Removes make up, dirt, pollution, and excess oil
  • Helps prevent blackheads and blemishes
  • Helps stimulate microcirculation to oxygenate the skin
  • Depending on ingredients, it can remove harmful, acne causing bacteria

Who Should Do It:

Everyone, everyday. All skin types.

How Often Should You Wash Your Face:

In general, everyone should wash their face twice a day.
Depending on lifestyle activities like gym sessions, a third cleanse might be needed.

AM - It’s best to do a gentle cleanse in the morning.

PM - Everyone needs to thoroughly cleanse in the evening, whether to wash off every trace of makeup, excess sebum, sunscreen, pollution, or simply dirt accumulated throughout the day.

How to Wash Your Face:

  • Start with clean, dry hands and a dry face.
  • Using your fingertips, apply cleanser to dry face, eyes, and neck, massaging in circular motions.
  • After 30 seconds, wet your finger tips with lukewarm water and continue to massage for 30 - 60 seconds. Be sure to spend time near the hairline, around the eyes, under the jaw, and the t-zone.
  • Remove thoroughly with a wet lukewarm washcloth.
  • Pat dry with a clean, dry towel.

Do I Need to Double Cleanse?

We are big believers in double cleansing in the evening. Anyone who wears makeup and sunscreen on the regular should double cleanse at night. Those with an acne regimen can double or even triple cleanse. Your aesthetician will select the best cleansers for your personalized PM routine and teach you how to use them.

Pro Tip: Skinimalists can “stack” their first and second cleansers on top of each other instead of removing between each step.

How to Double Cleanse

STEP 1 - Use an Oil or Cream Cleanser to dissolve makeup and sunscreen using the above technique from start to finish.

STEP 2 - Apply your second cleanser as directed by your aesthetician based on your skin’s current needs. This can be a second cleanse with a creamy cleanser, or more targeted for issues like acne or clogged pores. Use the above technique from start to finish.

Here are Rhea’s favorite Double Cleansing Combos for all skin types:


Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil


Hydrating Clay Masque

Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil + Hydrating Clay Masque
  • Key benefits: Micro-exfoliating for smooth, clear skin
  • Targets: Clogged pores and textural issues
  • Perfect for: Post-travel

    LA SUITE Skincare

    Cold Cream Cleanser for Makeup Removal

    a Suite Skincare Lactic Acid Brightening Cream Cleanser
    LA SUITE Skincare

    Lactic Acid Brightening Cream Cleanser

    La Suite Skincare Cold Cream Cleanser + Lactic Acid Brightening Cream Cleanser
    • Key benefits: Gently exfoliating and brightening for radiant skin
    • Targets: Dull skin
    • Perfect for: Dry skin


      Hyalogy P-effect Clearance Cleansing


      Hyalogy P-effect Re-Purerance Wash

      Forlle’d Clearance Cleansing + Re-Purereance Wash
      • Key benefits: A refreshing clean
      • Targets: Pollution, grime and dehydration
      • Perfect for: Sensitive skin


        Two in One Cleanser


        Enzyme Cleansing Booster

        MBR Two in One Cleanser + Enzyme Cleansing Booster
        • Key benefits: Thorough exfoliation for smooth skin
        • Targets: Dull skin
        • Perfect for: A luxurious, complexion refining cleanse

        What About Toner?

        Toning is the first step in your hydration routine, NOT the last step in your cleansing routine. By the time you are toning, your skin should be perfectly clean. If you use a cotton pad to apply toner and it contains any traces of debris, please wash your face again.

        Need help with your cleansing routine? Schedule a Virtual Consultation, call us at 203-356-5658 or email us at