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Environ Electro-Sonic DF Mobile

The power of a professional facial device in the palm of your hand.

The Details

The Dual Electro-Sonic Technology of the DF Mobile helps boost the efficacy of skincare ingredients using low-frequency sonophoresis (ultrasound) combined with pulsed iontophoresis (low-intensity electric current) to deliver essential nutrients deeper into the skin. Pair with targeted serums to enhance your at-home results.

Perfect For
  • Targeting frown lines and crow’s feet
  • Minimizing the appearance of upper lip lines
  • Fading the look of hyperpigmentation
  • Achieving beautiful, healthy skin at home
  • All skin types
How to Use


On clean skin, apply your targeted serum.


  • Make sure the DF Mobile is on setting P1. 
  • Dampen the conduction cloth and wrap it around the DF Mobile. 
  • Apply the selected serum to the area of concern. 
  • Place the flat part of the Treatment Head onto the selected area and wait for a “beep” sound to indicate the start of treatment. 
  • Hold the DF Mobile in a static position until the next beep sound is heard (15 seconds) before moving it slightly. 
  • For a more intensive session, repeat the process more than once. 
  • On completion, massage any excess serum into the skin and follow with moisturizer and SPF.

Safe and gentle for everyday use. 

Pair these serums with your device: 

Environ Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel - to calm rosacea and inflammation

Environ Peptide Enriched Frown Serum - to visibly minimize frown & lip lines 

Environ Vita Botanical Mela-Fade Serum A+B - to minimize the look of hyperpigmentation

From the Experts

“80% of skincare results are determined by your home care. Level up your routine using a professional device like the ones we use at La Suite in our signature high-tech facials.” —Rhea Souhleris Grous, La Suite Founder