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Hyalogy b

The Details

A powerful anti-wrinkle serum based on nano-technologies that targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Argirelin is the key active ingredient. It helps with product penetration due to the combination of low-molecular hyaluronic acid, ionized platinum and gold. As a result, healthy collagen is supported and the structure of the dermal matrix is visibly improved. 


Scvalan, coenzyme Q10, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, ionized gold and platinum, hydrolyzed membrane protein, hydrolyzed pearl protein (conchiolin), acetylhexapeptide-8, palmitylpentapeptid-4.

How to Use

Cleanse the skin and apply 1-2ml of Forlle'd lotion. Once absorbed apply Hyalogy β locally to areas of skin where wrinkles are most evident. Finish by applying Forlle'd cream. Repeat AM and PM.