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eye regenerating mask treatment

2 x 1.8 ml/2 x 0.06 fl oz

The Details

From the Intensive Care Collection. Specially designed to meet the specific requirements of the eye area, this collagen mask helps reduce bags and dark circles for a radiant look. Used occasionally, this "booster” treatment immediately soothes and relaxes the eye area. With regular application, it spectacularly improves the texture of the skin and smooths wrinkles and lines, regenerating tissue firmness and tone. 5 masks. 


Natural collagen: tightens and firms the skin, while hydrating, smoothing and soothing

Caffeine, arnica and green tea: drain and activate microcirculation and decongestion

Collagen amino acids (post-treatment vial): finalize and seal the collagen’s effects

How to use

Soak the collagen mask with the PRECURSOR COMPLEX vial in the bowl designed for this purpose. Position the smooth side on the lower and upper lids, beginning at the inner corner of the eye. Remove any air bubbles with your finger or a flat spatula. Leave for at least 20 minutes. Remove the mask before applying a few drops from the COLLAGEN POST TREATMENT vial on the area treated, using light taps. Finish the treatment with a suitable eye cream. The EYE REGENERATING MASK can be used once a month as a preventive treatment or once a week for damaged skin around the eyes.