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La Suite Skincare Illuminating Peel Pads

60 pads
How to apply Illuminating Peel Pads

The Details

The Peel Pad for bright “Big Night” skin.

With a trio of brightening acids - Azelaic, Lactic, and Phytic - these Pads are super effective and easy to use for instant glowy, lit from within skin. At the salon, our aestheticians pair them with our professional Illuminating Summer Peel for at-home brightening in between treatments.

Perfect For 

  • Brightening the appearance of skin
  • Removing dry, dead surface cells without irritation
  • All skin tones


  • Azelaic Acid is an AHA that smoothes texture, is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, brightening, and helps balance excess sebum. 
  • Lactic Acid is a hydrating AHA that works by loosening the “glue” between dead skin cells. It visibly smooths, helps skin appear plumper and brighter, and leaves skin radiant and glowing.
  • Phytic Acid is a gentle, brightening AHA that targets hyperpigmentation
  • Paraben-free, fragrance-free, made in USA

How to Use

AS A WEEKLY BRIGHTENING TREATMENT Use once weekly or as directed. Cleanse skin and pat dry. Apply to completely dry skin, avoiding the neck. On first use, rinse off after approximately 15 minutes. If tolerated, contact time may be gradually increased for up to 30 minutes or overnight. Due to the longer time on tissue giving a deeper exfoliation, avoid using Retinol 24 - 48 hours before using Hydrating Peel Pads. 

DAILY - FOR ADVANCED USERS  Best used in the AM. On completely dry skin, swipe Peel Pad across skin working from the outside of your face inward. Avoid the neck. Do not rinse off. Immediately following application, apply serums (Rhea loves 20% Active Complex Vitamin C Serum followed by Tri-Peptide Hydrating Serum), moisturizer and SPF.

From the Experts  “I call these our Date Night Pads. I love these Peel Pads for a once-weekly brightening at-home facial. Experienced clients can work up to greater frequency - let us teach you how!” —Rhea Souhleris Grous, La Suite Founder

How to apply Illuminating Peel Pads