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Hyalogy P-effect Re-Purerance Wash

100 g

The Details

This soft foam is designed to dissolve and cleanse water-based surface impurities. With anti-inflammatory, healing and refreshing effects, this wash is designed for daily face cleansing and also suitable for the periorbital area.


Myristic acid (derivative of coconut and palm oils), potassium cocoyl glycinate (derivative of coconut oil), glycosyl trehalose
sodium hyaluronate (Forlle’d patented), hydrolyzed egg shell membrane, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (Pearl protein), arginine, alanine, serine, valine, mineral balance, ionized minerals (Ca 2+, K + , Zn 2+ , Na + , Mg 2+ ) (Forlle’d patented)

How to use

Wet palms and rub to produce a fluffy foam. Apply the foam to the face, neck and décolleté over Forlle’d Clearance Cleansing. Cleanse the skin carefully with gentle massage. Remove well with a wet washcloth.

For oily skin, combination-type skin and skin prone to inflammations, this wash can be used as the sole cleansing product.