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Vitamin C Brightening Cream

1.23 oz / 35 g
The Exact Order of Your Routine

The antioxidant + AHA dream cream for bright, mega-watt skin

The Details

Powerful brighteners vitamin C and kojic acid inhibit excess melanin production to both fade and protect against future hyperpigmentation. Lactic acid gently exfoliates away dead, damaged cells, maintaining a radiant, even complexion.

Perfect For
  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Visibly brightening and evening skin tone
  • Supporting healthy collagen
  • Visibly minimizing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) is a stable, oil-soluble form of antioxidant vitamin C that is easily absorbed into the skin. It helps visibly brighten the skin, supports healthy collagen, and boosts broad spectrum UV protection when used under sunscreen. 
  • Lactic Acid is a hydrating AHA that works by loosening the “glue” between dead skin cells. It visibly smooths and helps skin appear plumper and brighter. It helps fade dark spots by gently exfoliating dead, hyperpigmented cells and may help slow down melanin production.
  • Kojic Acid is an antioxidant that helps visibly brighten and even skin tone by inhibiting excess melanin production. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps minimize the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that helps visibly brighten, hydrate, support the skin barrier, reduce inflammation and improve skin texture.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and replenish skin lipids for a healing, moisturizing effect. Vitamin E works in synergy with vitamin C to enhance antioxidant activity.
  • Paraben and fragrance free. Made in USA.
How to Use

In the AM, apply after serums and before sunscreen. In the PM, apply after serums. 

From the Experts

“A wonderful option as a treatment cream that targets bright, radiant, smooth skin. I found this  a particularly great option for those that are pregnant and cannot use retinol.“ - Rhea Souhleris Grous, La Suite Founder

The Exact Order of Your Routine