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Summer Skincare: The Body Edition

Summer Skincare: The Body Edition

Beyond the SPF and self-tanner, are you doing enough to care for the UV-exposed skin on your body? The skin on our body is prone to many of the same issues as our faces (dryness, buildup of dead skin cells), plus a few of its own. Dare to bare those arms, abs, and extremities, confident that you’ve given them special consideration.

NECKS & DECS (aka décolleté)

It’s a sad but true fact that most of us stop our skin maintenance at the chin. Don’t neglect your neck and chest. They’re prime real estate for sunspots and wrinkles; some of it caused by intrinsic aging but mainly the result of sun damage. That tan will fade, but those deep fissures and brown splotches are eternal. And we all know that person whose youthful face doesn’t match their weathered chest. Not a good look.

Before you resign yourself to a lifetime of turtlenecks, be proactive and take advantage of targeted treatments that can benefit this extra sensitive area. La Suite Skincare founder Rhea Souhleris Grous relies on several skincare superstars to head off damage: 

  • Vitamin C:  “It’s an antioxidant powerhouse that helps brighten and protects against UV damage. It’s the perfect ingredient to layer under SPF. Our 20% Vitamin C Serum is genius for visible brightening and to even out skin tone.”


It only takes one lax day of sunscreen application to realize how vulnerable our shoulders and arms are to burning. Show them extra TLC, particularly when you’re in the water, gardening, or playing sports.

For anyone who grapples with keratosis pilaris (aka “chicken skin”), those rough bumps on arms are on display when wearing sleeveless and strapless styles. Also found on thighs, cheeks, and buttocks, it’s caused by dead skin cells plugging the hair follicles.  While it can’t be cured, it can be managed. To smooth skin and reduce the inflammation and redness, Rhea recommends: 

  • La Suite Hydrating Peel Pads uses a synergistic trio of lactic and malic acids plus urea to smooth and hydrate rough, bumpy skin.


“Managing cellulite is a lifetime commitment,” says Rhea. “That equates to a healthy lifestyle coupled with a targeted, consistent body care routine. I recommend lymphatic drainage, a massage to increase microcirculation, radiofrequency treatments, and great skincare to help increase circulation and promote skin elasticity, hydration, and overall texture. While results from these treatments are temporary, they do help reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. What’s more, I cannot overstate the importance of exercising your muscles regularly.”

  • Cosmetic Rolling:  The Environ Cosmetic Body Roll CIT creates tiny microchannels in the skin, allowing for enhanced product penetration and faster results.


Don’t let your hands be the thing that gives away your age. If you’re not already a retinol convert, let this be your gateway to the wondrous effects of vitamin A.

Stop reading this moment and look at the top of your hands. Do you see dryness-exacerbated lines, faint brown spots, and freckles? Are the veins looking a little too pronounced?

First, reach for an SPF. Really, like now. Each morning after you apply SPF to your face, dab a bit on the tops of both hands for good measure. Don’t forget to reapply, especially if you’ll be outdoors (remember UV penetrates the windows in your car and home). Rhea also loves a good UPF shirt with those genius thumb holes to pull the sleeves over the backs of hands.

Before bed: Mix our Retinol Serum with our Antioxidant Hand Cream or try the Retinol Body Cream for an extra anti-aging boost. Lasers and chemical peels (best done in the cooler months) both work well to reduce sunspots on the backs of hands, but any procedure must be followed with consistent SPF use forever,” says Rhea.


Possibly the most low-tech, analog way to exfoliate, dry brushing goes back to the ancient Egyptians and lies at the heart of any Ayurvedic practice. 

Always moving towards the heart, drag the stiff, Dry Brush across dry skin from head to toe to activate blood flow, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce ingrown hairs, and sweep away dead skin cells.


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