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Winterproof Your Skin

Winterproof Your Skin

It’s a sign of our crazy modern times that for many of us our 2022 New Year’s resolution is to “achieve balance”  in our lives. Here at La Suite our resolution is to help you achieve that balance—in your skin.

In simple terms, your skin is a natural barrier, keeping water in and irritants out. It’s easy to forget this essential fact until that barrier is compromised. Red alert! Dry, irritated, itchy, dull skin is a sign that your winter skin is dehydrated. You might even notice darker under eye circles and deeper fine lines. Indoor heating and less moisture in the outdoor air are the main causes of dehydration in the colder months, but add holiday stress, airline travel, and a cocktail or two, and your skin most likely rang in the New Year with a cry for help!



Dehydrated skin is a condition that can affect all skin types in the winter—not just dry skin. (Dry skin is a skin type in which the skin produces less oil, so in the winter this skin type needs more oil and water.) You’ll need to winterize your skin care products to both hydrate and moisturize dry skin. (MBR Cream Extraordinary is a great cold-weather solution for dry skin types.) But oily and combination skin types are probably experiencing unusually itchy or parched skin this time of year as well.

All skin types need more hydration in the winter. But here’s the good news: It’s much easier to achieve balance in your skin than it is in your life! (Might as well look good while you figure that out.) Skin responds well to rehydration. In fact, once you match the right winter skincare to your skin type, you’ll find that some of your skin concerns (redness, breakouts, fine lines) may start to lessen, and you’ll regain that healthy winter glow. “You wouldn’t wear a swimsuit to the ski slopes,” says La Suite founder Rhea Souhleris Grous. Winter is a time to transition your skincare the same way you transition your wardrobe.”



Let’s start with the DON’Ts of winter skin—because they’re actually true for every season. 

✔️ Don’t over exfoliate. When the weather and temperatures are harsher, your skin deserves a gentler touch. Over exfoliation can disrupt the skin barrier, causing redness and irritation due to moisture loss and giving irritants a way “in.”

✔️ Don’t skip moisturizer. Seal in hydration with the right product for the season. 

✔️ Don’t forget SPF! UV rays still damage skin when it’s cold outside. Here’s a New Year’s resolution from Rhea on sunscreen! 

When it comes to winterproofing your skin, there’s one simple DO:

✔️ Level up your hydration!

How does that affect your products and skin type? Let’s walk through your daily skincare routine—and see:



 1. CLEANSE WITHOUT STRIPPING: Gentler products can be just as effective as the tough stuff when it comes to cleansing skin.

 All skin types can use an oil-based cleanser. The skin needs oil to break down oil, dirt, makeup, and sunscreen. Using an oil also helps protect the skin barrier—which is priority #1. Learn more about how to wash your face the right way.

For Normal, Dry, and Combination skin: In the AM and PM we love La Suite Cold Cream Cleanser. This luscious but effective product is an evergreen!
For Oily skin: Try La Suite Alpha Beta Gel Cleanser in the AM and Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil, followed by Sebu-Clear Masque in the PM. In dry winter months, oily skin can compensate for a lack of water by producing more oil—which can encourage breakouts and cause skin to look overly shiny. This cleansing routine will help!


“Gentle exfoliation techniques and products help protect the skin barrier and keep skin in balance,” says Rhea.


She recommends: 

For all skin types: La Suite Lactic Acid Brightening Cream Cleanser

La Suite Lactic Acid Exfoliating Cream Cleanser
TIP: we love using a wet washcloth to remove our cleanser. It provides a light sweep of exfoliation.
For Normal, Dry and Combination skin: La Suite 15% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Peel Pads
For Oily and Acne Prone skin: La Suite Clear Skin Alpha Beta Peel Pads
La Suite Clear Skin Alpha Beta Peel Pads

2. ADD A HYDRATING TONER: Toners are all about balance; they help maintain water levels within the skin. That’s why we love them at La Suite.The dry winter months are the perfect time to add a hydrating toner—trust me, you’ll see a difference!” says Rhea. Toners from the elite Japanese brand Forlle’d provide a boost with their patented hyaluraonic acid, delivering long-lasting hydration and visibly plumping and firming the skin:

For Normal to Dry skin: Forlle’d P-effect Refining Lotion
For Oily and Combination skin: Forlle’d AC Clear Lotion


3. SOOTHE WITH A SERUM: Serums tailored to your skin type pamper your skin and combat inflammation. You can use these light but powerful serums AM and PM:

For Normal to Dry skin: Squalane Nourishing Serum 

For Combination to Oily skin: Forlle'd Hyalogy P-effect Reliance Gel

TIP: For maximum effect, layer your products like a pro. La Suite’s rule of thumb is to apply thinner, minimally occlusive formulas like toners or serums that contain smaller molecules first. Then seal in all that goodness with heavier formulas like oils and more occlusive moisturizers in order of product thickness. Especially in winter, your moisturizer plays a key role in protecting skin against dehydration.


4. LOCK IN HYDRATION WITH MOISTURIZER: Look for moisturizers with ceramides that help form a protective layer. Ceramides are fatty acids naturally found in skin cells that reinforce the skin barrier and strengthen and nourish your skin. Yes, please!

For Normal to Dry skin: Squalane Nourishing Cream

For Very Dry skin / Extreme conditions: La Suite Niacinamide Intensive Barrier Recovery Cream

For Combination skin: Niacinamide Hydrating Cream

For Oily skin: Green Tea Soothing Emulsion

 Green Tea Soothing Emulsion

Winter is the perfect time to slather your skin with nourishing, hydrating products that might be too “heavy” for your skin type in the warmer months. While drinking eight glasses of water daily, eating water-rich foods such as berries and celery, avoiding alcohol, and using a humidifier can help you stay hydrated, matching your winter products to your skin type will provide a megaboost of hydration. Resolve this winter to emerge from hibernation with stronger, healthier, balanced skin!


Schedule your Virtual Consultation with founder and aesthetician Rhea Souhleris Grous and she’ll create your personalized AM/PM winter skincare plan for your skin’s unique needs.